Tuesday, November 20, 2018

House Cleaning Saugus

"Prices Are Reasonable And Worth Every Penny."

"I spent the day at work yesterday wondering what I was going to go home to, and I couldn't wait to leave. I walked into the house and was amazed. It has never ever looked that clean and every time we looked we saw something different that they had done.Even this morning I was still noticing stuff, like the fact that the dog's food bowls were all cleaned up and the tile in the bathroom shower looked like brand new. I'm sure when I go home after work today I'll notice even more.

Bottom line is the money was well spent. I think with a full week of just cleaning I wouldn't have had the house looking this good. Prices are reasonable and worth every penny. Now I'm motivated to keep the house clean and can't wait for her next visit to help us along."

Carrie M.
Arlington, MA

House Cleaning Saugus

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