Thursday, November 15, 2018

House Cleaning Quincy

"Marli's Team Is Responsible"

"Marli's team is responsible, hard working, dedicated and willing to take on difficult jobs with sometimes difficult clients. Thank you, Marli!"

Holly Elissa

House Cleaning Quincy

House Cleaning Newton

"Prices Are Reasonable And Worth Every Penny."

"I look on craigslist and find Marli's listing. I shoot her an email and she's back to me later that night asking me some questions and looking to come out to give me a quote. She came out later that week for a quote and we had the initial cleaning scheduled.

Yesterday her team arrives, they don't waste a second and get to work. I was only there shortly before leaving for work, but in that amount of time I realized their cleaning was in a totally different league than anything I would ever do. They were moving furniture to make sure they got every area spotless. When my husband left for work they were scrubbingthe baseboards. All I could think was why did I wait so long to have this done?!"

Carrie M.
Arlington, MA

House Cleaning Newton

Monday, November 12, 2018

House Cleaning Milton

"She Is Extremely Responsive"

"Marli's cleaning crew has been cleaning my home for three years now. She is extremely responsive to customers and will work with you to assure that her team provides you with great service."

Sharon M.

House Cleaning Milton

House Cleaning Medford

"Marli And Her Crew Is AMAZING!"

"Marli and her crew is AMAZING! They've been cleaning my small business for three years and my home for two, and twice the following has happened: for some reason or other, I used another service for one time, they were awful, I begged Marli to come back, she did with no hard feelings, and did an AMAZING job in a clean environment.

I've never seen things so clean, and they weren't judgey about the condition of what they found. Seriously - your search is over. She's also really reliable with both email and text and is great about communicating your wishes with her staff."

Gwendolyn S.
Somerville, MA

House Cleaning Medford

House Cleaning Cambridge

"I Would Absolutely Recommend Marli And Her Whole Team."

"My husband and I have been using Marli's Cleaning for over a year now, and we've been extremely happy. The first time we came home we couldn't believe how clean the house was, and we were so excited, and it smelled clean, and we were so excited about it. So we'd recommend it. We've talked to friends and we've been so happy. A lot of times our friends come over and they're impressed with how clean our house is.
So we're both very busy and we just decided to go with a cleaning service, and we are so happy that we did that. So with Marli and her team, every time they come, you know they come every two weeks to our house, and the house is spotless, and we get excited. Our kitchen is always, you know, everything's so clean. We get friends come over and make comments about how nice the tissues look, and even the toilet paper looks fancy. So we've been really happy ever since your team started here.

The price is great. We were really happy with the cost, and surprised with how good quality the service was, for what the cost was. So yeah, we've been really happy about that. [They are] Always reliable, and flexible with our schedules. You know, a couple of times we had to cancel because we were away on vacation for a few weeks, and you were completely fine with that. Very flexible and open to any changes, so that's been really great. Always on time yeah.

I would absolutely recommend Marli and her whole team. Yeah absolutely, and we've talked to friends about it, and highly, highly recommend it."


House Cleaning Cambridge

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

House Cleaning Brookline

"Excellent Customer Service"

"Excellent work and excellent customer service. Marli and company have been cleaning my house for several months now and I am very happy with the results."

Gideon Coltof

House Cleaning Brookline

House Cleaning Braintree

"I Would Certainly Recommend Marli And Her Team."

"We have a very small apartment and two cats but they do a great job making it look (and smell) sparkly clean - it's a huge help and worth every penny. We really appreciate that they use our cleaning products, and although we have a vacuum they bring their own, which honestly does a much better job, and they must be using it on the couch cushions because it has been looking newer lately. I would certainly recommend Marli and her team."

Anna Dunbar-Hester

House Cleaner Braintree