Wednesday, November 7, 2018

House Cleaner Woburn

"I Really Recommend Her And Her Team"

"Hi, I found Marli thought the website and I've been very impressed with all the girls that come to clean every week. They're always here on the time that Marli tells me that they are going to come. Marli's also very flexible. Sometimes I call her and she does my schedule whenever I ask her, and I really like that. They are very reliable, always come and the house looks very clean, and they are always very detail oriented. Like everything is clean, you can make sure that even like underneath the sofas, the bathroom, everything looks spotless. I really recommend her and her team, just contact her and you'll be very happy with it.

Oh, the prices actually, I'm surprised, like how great the price is. I've actually hired other people in the past, not in this apartment but in another apartment here in Brooklyn as well, and it was more expensive and they were not as nice. So the price is great.

Oh, I found it through the website, and one of the things that I really liked was that I was able to see all the videos and I was able to see how involved is Marli with everything. Like that she came here first, told me how everything was going to be and before the girls came to the apartment. I really liked that. I recommend it."

Ms. Mariana

House Cleaner Woburn

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