Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We have dozens and dozens of highly satisfied customers

We have dozens and dozens of highly satisfied customers. If you need references,
we will put you in contact with customers that we have been cleaning their homes
for years.

We've got these dozens of customers through referral. One satisfied
customer telling another and another.

We believe that if we do a great job (not a good job, there's a huge
difference), that customer will tell a friend about us. They hand us their keys
and alarm codes. First and foremost, there's trust between us and our clients. Our clients would
not hand us their keys and alarm codes without complete trust.

Some customers prefer to stay at home while we clean. No problem. We are trained to clean either way.Through Cleaning.
We do not cut corners.
We do deep cleaning. We actually do hard work.

We don'tuse highly toxic products that will get the job done quicker but will leave the
air and the surfaces inside the home highly contaminated.

house cleaning waltham
We guarantee our work. If you are not 100% pleased, call us and we clean it
again free of charges. Several of our current customers told us that they feel
that their homes were truly cleaned for the first time in years. We do take
pride in our work.


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