Wednesday, December 1, 2010

House Cleaning Brookline

A Responsible House Cleaner
Be sure of one thing, you can count on a very professional, flexible with a lovely personality house cleaning lady. One of the primaries you'll identify in me is trust and confidence. That you'll get right away.

Here's how your first cleaning will go:
 First everything will be clean and organized
Certainty about very professional and wonderful job
Strong Attention. What does that mean?

It means that you will not see filthy rusty spots. Dust underneath rugs. Lime accumulating in the bathroom and so forth. Detail Cleaning.

Here's what a customer told me once:
"It's a total deal. What we've got versus how much we've paid. We've hired a franchise cleaning service in the past and the bill was huge. I could not afford it", Sheila Dunn (Allston MA)

What should you expect about my prices? Very affordable. We're not in for a "one night stand". We want you to become my client. A high price and you'll not be able to afford. Let's work together to get to a quote that's good for both of us.

Ok, you might be questioning if I can be reliable as a housecleaner and if you should allow me to have the keys and codes to your home. I can provide you proof of reliability by emailing you tons of references you can contact. If you do not hear a compliment from all of them do not call me back. That is how sure I am of my services.

Other cleaners are so non-flexible. You ask them to come in a distinct day and they don't like it. You ask them to clean a different item and they don't like that either. With me, that's different. Ask me anything. We're here to help you in all your wants. The number one goal is accomplish a mess-free life in all aspects.

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