Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ask these questions to your next house cleaner

Question 1.
Can you provide me with 3 references? Ask specific questions when calling them, if they are not real references they will be hesitating to answer.

Question 2.

Ask a house cleaner what do they use on floors, piece of furniture, bath  surfaces. If they don't know the proper answers, you may be hiring a  trouble.

Question 3.

Do you have a cell that I can reach you in case I need to talk to you right  away?

 House Cleaning Tips and Tricks
- Wear comfortably. Be in clothing that is admitted to get dirt and stained.

- Set Up a bucket of supplies to bring around during cleaning.
 We need  some rags, paper towel, furniture polish, glass cleaner, bathroom cleanser,  and any other cleaning supplying that can be helpful while cleaning.

- The best way to clean is start dusting and vacuuming from the top to  bottom in any room, dust falls downwards.

- Keep the tools in good condition. At the end of each job the brushes is properly rinsed, we also change cleaner bags and filters frequently.You will not need to sign a contract and our prices are very affordable, and we have experience. We will provide you with great references and are fully insurance.
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