Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ways to Keep Your House Cleaner and Healthier - Part II

Does Bleach Kill Molds? The Answer May Surprise You
Keep one bottle with your house cleaning supplies. Not only will it clean and disinfect most surfaces, it will kill mold in it's tracks. 
The problem with mold and residential health is that many people think that bleach will kill mold.
Not true, it does a great job of removing surface mold, but mold starts deeper. The enzymes in vinegar eat the underlying mold spores, not just on the surfaces.

Avoid Air Fresheners With Harsh Chemical Products, Not Good For Your Health. Use Rather Natural Options
Instead of using harsh air fresheners, buy some aromatic freshly cut flowers, or buy a potted plant that has a strong fragrance, to cut down on irritating smells.
It will improve your overall residential health, and a living plant has many other benefits, such as enjoying the care of it. Many people even talk to their plants, and is good therapy after a long stressful day.
to be continued...

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