Thursday, June 24, 2010

Choosing the Right Cleaning Services When You Have Allergies - Part II

As Part Of Your Household products, Are They Scent Free or Not? Do You Like A Vanilla Scent? You May Have To Pay The Price Of A Severe Allergy
Ask them to use perfume free products. Most companies will be happy to comply with this request and you can cut down on the smells that you need to deal with.

Some people find that when they have had their home cleaned that they need to deal with the smell of fake lemon or fake lilac for days. Make sure that this doesn't cause respiratory trouble for you or for your family.

Allergy Sufferers It's Essential That You Are Educated About Hepa Vacuum Filters And Ulpa Vacuum Filters 
Are you familiar with HEPA vacuum filters or ULPA vacuum filters? The former refers to High Efficiency Particulate Air vacuum filters while the latter refers to Ultra Low Penetration Air vacuum filters.

This can be an important way for you to reduce particles that end up in your environment and any good cleaning service should be able to provide you with these filters when they come to clean your home. You may also want to see if they can help you take care of a filter change in your air conditioner.

Allergy Prevention Starts With The Choice Of Your Next Cleaning Lady 
Take a moment to think about everything that you need to do in order to take on the allergens in your home.

Allergies prevention is nothing to sneeze at, and you might be surprised at the good that you can do for yourself and your family; take a moment and start your campaign today!

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