Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitchen Cleaning: Step By Step - Part I

Whether you are in the middle of house cleaning and you want to make sure that you are doing it right, or you have a messy kitchen that you need to tackle, you will find that taking it step by step is going to be important.
Take some time and make sure that you check out these step-by-step tips to make your kitchen cleaning much simpler. Good house cleaning is all about being thorough; remember that you do not need to be fast and that getting the kitchen cleaned can take much less time than you think it will.

Which Products To Use When Cleaning Your Kitchen
First, gather your cleaning products. If at all possible, find natural ones. Not only will they help keep your appliances and home in better shape, you will find that they are gentler on your skin and your lungs.
Look for cleansers for the floor as well as the stove, sinks and counters. Having them all in one place will be helpful.

Where Do I Start?
Start from the top and work your way down. Get a feather duster and start getting the dust off the high places.
Don't forget the top of your refrigerator, your light fixtures, and the top of your kitchen cabinets; these are places where dust loves to gather!

No Necessary Heavy Chemical Products, A Simple Wet Cloth Will Do The Trick
After you have thoroughly dusted, wet a cloth and make sure that your remove any grime that has accumulated in ornaments or on the handles of the cabinets.
Small places like this can quickly accumulate grime and they can leave everything with an unpleasant texture.

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