Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We have dozens and dozens of highly satisfied customers

We have dozens and dozens of highly satisfied customers. If you need references,
we will put you in contact with customers that we have been cleaning their homes
for years.

We've got these dozens of customers through referral. One satisfied
customer telling another and another.

We believe that if we do a great job (not a good job, there's a huge
difference), that customer will tell a friend about us. They hand us their keys
and alarm codes. First and foremost, there's trust between us and our clients. Our clients would
not hand us their keys and alarm codes without complete trust.

Some customers prefer to stay at home while we clean. No problem. We are trained to clean either way.Through Cleaning.
We do not cut corners.
We do deep cleaning. We actually do hard work.

We don'tuse highly toxic products that will get the job done quicker but will leave the
air and the surfaces inside the home highly contaminated.

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We guarantee our work. If you are not 100% pleased, call us and we clean it
again free of charges. Several of our current customers told us that they feel
that their homes were truly cleaned for the first time in years. We do take
pride in our work.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to find out if yuor house cleaning

Is Your Cleaning Service Cheating on You

Any experienced house cleaning service should be doing your baseboards  frequently. When you come home after your residential cleaning crew has been in you should check the baseboards for scuffs and or debris. If you find the  obvious presence of either, one you will know your house cleaning crew is  not doing their job.

Dust and Cobwebs
The most probable spots for cobwebs will likely be free, however you should check other places, such as room corners, ceiling, above cabinets, book cases, light fixtures, etc.

The bathroom is one area of the house where no skimping should be  admitted.

Germs, mold and bacteria can spread and really cause sickness if  not properly cleaned. The backside of your shower curtain, along base of  the tub and behind the toilet are the most often neglected areas.

Watch for  signs of mold, dust, and other substances in these areas.

Sometimes housecleaners will not move stuff around, make sure you check to see if they have cleaned areas such as shelves, tables, etc.

Open Doors
Do you have a room in your home where the door is constantly open? Dens,  game rooms and even living rooms sometimes have doors that are never  shut and residential cleaners may forget to clean behind the door! You  would be amazed how much dust and debris can build up in this area.

Couch or Love Seat
Another area to check is the furniture. Couches, love seats or chairs that  are frequently used should have the pillows pulled off and the dirt and dust  vacuumed away. Remember to check your house cleaning service for this  normally missed area.

The nice smell of a home after the cleaning crew leaves does not mean that it is clean. On your first interview with the cleaning company be sure to be clear on your demands and the price. After that follow these tips to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ask these questions to your next house cleaner

Question 1.
Can you provide me with 3 references? Ask specific questions when calling them, if they are not real references they will be hesitating to answer.

Question 2.

Ask a house cleaner what do they use on floors, piece of furniture, bath  surfaces. If they don't know the proper answers, you may be hiring a  trouble.

Question 3.

Do you have a cell that I can reach you in case I need to talk to you right  away?

 House Cleaning Tips and Tricks
- Wear comfortably. Be in clothing that is admitted to get dirt and stained.

- Set Up a bucket of supplies to bring around during cleaning.
 We need  some rags, paper towel, furniture polish, glass cleaner, bathroom cleanser,  and any other cleaning supplying that can be helpful while cleaning.

- The best way to clean is start dusting and vacuuming from the top to  bottom in any room, dust falls downwards.

- Keep the tools in good condition. At the end of each job the brushes is properly rinsed, we also change cleaner bags and filters frequently.You will not need to sign a contract and our prices are very affordable, and we have experience. We will provide you with great references and are fully insurance.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

House Cleaning Brookline

A Responsible House Cleaner
Be sure of one thing, you can count on a very professional, flexible with a lovely personality house cleaning lady. One of the primaries you'll identify in me is trust and confidence. That you'll get right away.

Here's how your first cleaning will go:
 First everything will be clean and organized
Certainty about very professional and wonderful job
Strong Attention. What does that mean?

It means that you will not see filthy rusty spots. Dust underneath rugs. Lime accumulating in the bathroom and so forth. Detail Cleaning.

Here's what a customer told me once:
"It's a total deal. What we've got versus how much we've paid. We've hired a franchise cleaning service in the past and the bill was huge. I could not afford it", Sheila Dunn (Allston MA)

What should you expect about my prices? Very affordable. We're not in for a "one night stand". We want you to become my client. A high price and you'll not be able to afford. Let's work together to get to a quote that's good for both of us.

Ok, you might be questioning if I can be reliable as a housecleaner and if you should allow me to have the keys and codes to your home. I can provide you proof of reliability by emailing you tons of references you can contact. If you do not hear a compliment from all of them do not call me back. That is how sure I am of my services.

Other cleaners are so non-flexible. You ask them to come in a distinct day and they don't like it. You ask them to clean a different item and they don't like that either. With me, that's different. Ask me anything. We're here to help you in all your wants. The number one goal is accomplish a mess-free life in all aspects.

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